Monday, February 13, 2017

Scouting the Territory

My topic has not changed much. I would still like to research the student loan crisis, but I am going to take Professor's advice and focus on the predator's (Sallie Mae, Banks, Trump University, etc.) rather than the prey, which are students just like myself. The first phrase I typed into google was "student loan crisis", and instantly I found articles from the likes of The Huffington Post, Time, and Forbes all about the student loan crisis. Forbes' article is about the student debt of older students. Time points out that student debt is worse than people think. And THP speaks generally about the topic, and has several articles listed under "Student Loan Crisis". I typed in "Sallie Mae' next, and found yet another article from THP and one from Slate that both talk about Sallie Mae's devious ways. A couple important sources found: 1) An article from 2009 titled "Drowning in Debt: The Emerging Student Loan Crisis" 2) An article from 2013 titled "Disparities in Debt: Parents’ Socioeconomic Resources and Young Adult Student Loan Debt". From the first article, I got more confirmation of the fact that students are being taken advantage of by large corporations and banks. From the second article, although I still have to read the entire article, the basic idea is about what A and H spoke about: parental influence on debt. I see it will also speak about student loan debt in general. 

Possible resources: This article is from THP, and is titled "Student Debt Is Already a Hallmark Issue for 2016". The student loan crisis has already been spiraling out of control for a while now, and 2016 is no different of a year. One of the major hallmark issues for some time to come will be the student loan crisis, and how it will be fixed (hopefully!).
This article is from Time, and is titled "Why the Student Loan Crisis Is Even Worse Than People Think". This article could be very useful. Although it is short, it is sweetly filled with facts about student loans today, the lasting impact it could have on students, and what can be done about it possibly in the future.

I can't say I found any controversy over this topic. The general consensus is that we are certainly in the midst of a student loan crisis, and large corporations like Sallie Mae and banks are the ones to blame.

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