Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Three Academic Sources


This seems like it could be a great help in my overall research of the student loan crisis. The article is titled "THE STUDENT LOAN CRISIS: BACKGROUND, MOTIVATIONS OF PARTICIPANTS, AND REGULATORY ISSUES". It speaks about the motives that students have to take loans, why it could be detrimental in the long run, and also has a short tidbit on the motives of banks that could be useful. One of the last paragraphs, titled "Implications", speaks clearly about the possible future of not only students, but this country.


This is yet another article that could be a fantastic fit for my idea. The article is titled "Facing The Student-Debt Crisis: Restoring The Integrity Of The Federal Student Loan Program". The authors, Robert C. Cloud and Richard Fossey, speak in detail about several topics, including the student loan default rate and the for profit sector. I'm sure I could find some great information to use in my final paper to help my argument.


Lastly, another great article that could be used. The article is titled "The Student Loan Crisis and the Future of Higher Education". Although it is short, it is full of information that I could find useful, since it hits home with my topic and it speaks about oil prices being a predatory factor in the US economy which could affect student loans and the job market for graduates.

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