Friday, April 21, 2017

Argument and Counter Argument

Over the last 40 years, a systematic disinvesting of higher education through plutocratic and neoliberal means has strangled our educational freedoms, allowing the private and for-profit sectors to grow uninhibited and trample the less affluent students/families in this country.
Simply put, the only counter argument that could be put forth comes from the wealthy politicians who feel that if you are not well off, you need to work harder to be well off and they are going to make you work harder in order to achieve that goal. Almost a majority of both the Senate and House of Representatives combined are millionaires (47 percent, according to one of my sources, Henry Giroux). This is outrageous. These systematic cuts in funding come at a perfect time for anyone trying to keep America "the way it has always been". Just at a time where minorities are slowly becoming the majority and wanting more from public higher education is when we started disinvesting and making it that much harder for the less affluent in this country to receive education. We no longer live in the times of "White America", but it sure still seems that way due to policies and legislation surrounding students. Anyone who is already well off deserves to be able to become more well off and anyone who is not well off needs to fight through the student loans and finding a good job just to start to build something. The system in place right now is designed for the already wealthy to succeed and the already poor to fail. In a time where the inequality is as worse as it has been since the 1920's, and the combined wealth of our Presidents cabinet is more than that of the bottom one third of this country combined, we are living in the beginnings of a plutocracy.

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